You’ve to spend at least half of a day at UTC / elsewhere to change a new IC (mykad) but do you know actually you can skip the queue by use the online application?

Care tukar IC baru online step-by-step guide :

1. Register a new account here
2. Fill in your personal detail, include which branch of JPN to collect your new IC
3. Make payment online (so far accept card payment online)
4. Check status (usually complete within 24 hours)
5. Bring your online receipt (either paper printed or screenshot) and collect your IC.

tukar ic baru online
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Online service hour
Mon-Sun 8am – 10pm
Saturday 8am – 2pm
Sunday 8am – 8pm

Limited of the service
1. Not applicable if you want to change picture or update new address.
2. You have to pay the penalty fees for online application for IC lost.


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