Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Love Story

 This husband is a gift for his wife

God decides all

This is the

True Love Story

Baby with
Loveable Family
She must be lucky
(Rosemarie “Rose” Siggins)
Good Family

This is an example of a Tension free family life

This family is so so lovely
She defeats her discomfort
A cute family

And she is a mother of two

She defeats his sickness

We Shall build a Temple for this Guy
cute family in street walk

 market with his wife

An example for true love

This man is a great man

Cute Baby in
 hand of
 mother.. sleeping

We can Nominate her an Award for her courage towards the Life

Cute Baby in bed

Cute baby bath

Baby with her physically challenged mother

Cute Baby with his mother
Can we do like this ?
Can we live like this ?
Can we love like this ?

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