The Government Transformation Programme (GTP) is an ambitious, broad based initiative aimed at addressing key areas of concern to the rakyat while supporting Malaysia’s transformation into a developed and high-income nation as per Vision 2020. In line with 1Malaysia - People First, Performance Now, the GTP is focused on:
GTP Objectives
The Prime Minister identified 7 National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) following months of evaluating the people’s demands of the Government and the most pressing issues were selected to develop the NKRAs. A focused list of projects and initiatives for each NKRA was developed to ensure that big fast results for specific targets are achieved in the interest of the people.
The NKRAs are the responsibility of relevant Ministries and the Performance Delivery and Management Unit (PEMANDU) was initiated to monitor the achievements of each Ministry. The NKRAs and its detailed targets were made public with the publishing of the GTP Roadmap making it transparent to Malaysians.
Following the first year in implementation, majority of the NKRAs achieved more than 90% of their targets and the results were also made available via the GTP Annual Report 2010.
The transparency is testament to Malaysia’s move in a new direction to inject more accountability and growth into its environment. The GTP will be implemented until 2012 to ensure a strong foundation is laid for the transformation of Malaysia into a progressive, harmonious, and high-income nation.

Source: http://www.pemandu.gov.my


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