Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who Am I?

Haley loved her adopted mom and dad to pieces. However, they were not the people that made her, and she always felt a need to find out who her biological parents were. She had tried for years to find information about her birth parents. Her adoptive parents only knew the name of her mother and where she used to live. The adoption agency that her adoptive parents went through was unwilling to provide her with any other information. She searched and searched the internet and the name of her mother. She couldn't find any information anywhere. She had started to think that perhaps she would never find out who her birth parents were. She had so many questions to ask them.

She wanted to look at them and see if she could find a resemblance. She wanted to know the reasons that she was put up for adoption and she wanted to thank them for giving her the opportunity to have the life that she had led with her beloved adoptive parents. She just couldn't get over the need to talk to them, to see them, to at least know that they were alive and where they were. Haley gave up for a while because she was out of resources and out of leads. However, upon another trip to the adoption agency, she found that there was a new girl working.

She wondered if this woman would give her the information she needed. As she asked, the woman began to shake her head before Haley even finished her question. Apologetically, the woman told Haley that she couldn't give out any information. Then, to Haley's surprise, the woman leaned closer to Haley and said, "I was adopted too. I can't give you any information about your birth parents, but I can give you the URL to a website that helped me out a lot." Then, the woman wrote a website down on a sheet of paper and handed it to Haley.

Back at home, Haley went to and saw that there was a space for a name. She thought for a moment about the woman at the adoption agency and she typed in her biological mother's name. Within seconds, the website provided her with a new address and phone number. Haley absolutely could not believe it. All these years she had searched and within seconds, she had found out where her real mother was. After coming to terms with the situation, Haley finally dialed the number that had popped up on the website.

When the woman's voice answered, Haley said, "Hi. My name is Haley and I am looking for my birth mother. Did you give a baby girl up for adoption thirty three years ago?" There was a long pause and the woman on the other line began to sob. Haley couldn't believe that she had finally found her birth mother. Since then, she has gotten to know both her birth mother and half siblings. Her father had passed away some time before that, but Haley was thankful to know the rest of her family. She could never have found the information without





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