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What Does WoW Crusher Have to Offer?

World of Warcraft is a land of elites. It's just the way it is. The game has been online for the last seven years and some players have been playing the whole time, pretty much destroying anyone in their path to become the best around.
So, its no surprise that people look for new guides all the time to help them get better and bump up to par with the top pros out there. Luckily, every now and then a guide actually comes along that can help you do that – becoming a top player in a land of elites. This time around, that new guide is WoW Crusher.
To be a hundred percent accurate, WoW Crusher isn't a single guide. It's a ton of guides, with a new one added to the mix every month. I reviewed the first couple of months for this review and they were top notch content.
Each guide was 30 pages long and included three features, top news from the month, questions from readers, an action plan and a preview of the next month. Each feature was full of useful content that was designed to do just about anything you needed it to – from building up a powerful play through strategy for a Death Knight to creating a 10 man raiding group. It's not hyper specific information, but it's a heck of a lot more than the general strategies you get from the existing guides on the market.
To top things off, you get a whole bunch of extras with the guide. The first extra was the Fast Track Action Plan that the creators, Markco and Kevin provide. It's a guideline that helps players figure out how to put together a good WoW account. Basically, it includes everything from an outline of how to build a character, choose your UI and the right class and professions to how to get into a guild, start up PvP and go about raiding. Essentially, it's a route to stop making so many silly mistakes as you play through the game – a great tool for beginners and something even a few veterans could probably benefit from.
What really takes the cake though is the inclusion of the WoW Crusher Add-on, which houses the best macros and keybinds this side of the planet and was developed over the years by Kevin himself, along with his Arena teammates.
These are not random, cobbled together specs that every player is using. The WoW Crusher Add-On shows you how to get ahead regardless of what spec or direction you are heading in the game. All the optimal Tanking, DPS, and healing specs are available for every purpose you can imagine.

It is precisely this freedom of choice that makes this add-on so valuable and if you act now, this state of the art technology is yours absolutely free!
In the end, WoW Crusher is a great new product that provides something I've never seen before in a WoW product. It is updated every month with a new ebook and all for a decent monthly fee with information about pretty much every aspect of the game not just a couple of select areas.





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