Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turn Your Character into a WoW Powerhouse Today!

Are you tired of always being second best in battlegrounds or raids – feeling like your World of Warcraft character can't do all the damage they should be, heals clumsily, or doesn't often win fights in PvP? Read this e-mail to find out about the new IWinButtons guide that give you revolutionary information on how to make your character a powerhouse – and make them feared by your enemies in the battlegrounds, respected by your fellow dungeon and raid enthusiasts, and all round more fun to play!
This is an unprecedented chance for you to take control of your character's fate in World of Warcraft, and reshape them from a mediocre character into one of the champions of their faction and server – climbing to fame on a heap of slain bosses and defeated PvP foes!
Although you may not believe it, the information that is contained in this guide will free you from the limitations that you've gotten used to playing World of Warcraft, perhaps over months or years. Instead of just muddling along with the crowd, neither doing very badly nor achieving anything exceptional, you can rocket your character to the ranks of the top few characters in your guild, your server, and maybe even your battlegroup – this information is that powerful!
This technique doesn't depend on any kind of cheats, hacks, or exploits, but on built-in features of the game which are meant to help people play more easily and better. These tools are there, designed in by Blizzard for everyone to use – but few people actually make use of them, and of those few, only a handful know enough to make their characters truly effective, whether they're the server's most soothing healers, toughest tanks, or most dangerous DPS.
I'm talking about macros and keybindings – some of the most effective tools included in the World of Warcraft game. Nearly everyone knows about macros, at least in passing, but only a fraction of people can write a good macro that will empower their character and make the most of their spells and abilities with deadly combinations, delivered faster than any human reflexes can.
For the first time, there's a guide that focuses totally on these game-changing, character transforming, built in tools, putting them in reach of you. You can skip the long and painful learning curve, the frustrating searches online with no clue about how good the macros you find are, or the gaps in your knowledge that force you to experiment for tedious weeks or months The detailed descriptions of macros and keybindings, tested out by the top 1% of WoW players in some of the most intense, demanding content to be found in the game, cover all situations, all classes, and all specs – all fully up to date with the latest WoW Cataclysm changes!
Why wait any longer to start playing the dangerous, effective character that you want to play – to become a hero of WoW instead of just an average, middle of the road player? IWinButtons is the first of its kind – a unique guide that teaches you how to use macros and keybindings to give you the successful character that you want and deserve – not next week, not tomorrow, but today!





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