Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tips to Giving the Best Wedding Toasts

Weddings are full of traditions from the search for the perfect dress to the walk down the aisle, music and dances. However one of the favorite and most looked forward to traditions for both guests and the happy couple are the wedding toasts. This is when those closest to the bride and groom get a chance to share a few words with everyone in attendance about how happy they are for the couple, share a funny story or just wish them all the best in the world.

It is up to the couple to discuss beforehand whether they would like this part of the day to be designated to specific speakers such as the best man, maid of honor and parents or if they would like to allow anyone who would like to speak the chance to do so. This decision is important and shouldn't be taken lightly as sometimes guests can get out of hand and ruin a perfect moment with an inappropriate comment. Thus the bride and groom should look at their guest list and make a judgment call on what to do. Here are some tips on wedding toasts in general to help guide the process so this part of the wedding day will as perfect as every other element.

Give notice
Tell the designated speakers a couple weeks ahead of time that you would like them to say a few words so they can have some time to prepare. Not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people so you may be turned down. Respect their decision as it isn't fair to make them feel uncomfortable and will put a damper on your relationship during this most important of times.

Keep it short
Brevity is desired as a speech that runs on too long will bore guests because their attention will drift elsewhere, like to the dessert trays and cake display where their eyes will glaze over. Short and sweet is best.

Share the speech
Ask whoever will be speaking to practice their talk on someone else so there can be another person there to judge the appropriateness of what they are saying. This is especially important if you have someone who you think may reveal an embarrassing story or make an inappropriate joke. Having someone else filter their speech will help save you and others from blushing when they open their mouth.

The toast
Don't forget to actually toast the couple at the end of your speech. Ask everyone to raise their glass and toast the happy couple or however you would like to phrase it. Remember these are the "wedding toasts" not the wedding "roasts." Keep it fun or sentimental, not hurtful or rude.





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