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John met Elizabeth at a coffee shop in Detroit. She was beautiful and one single conversation with her left John wanting to learn more about her. A marketing manager from Los Angeles, Elizabeth was gorgeous. She had long, dark hair and eyes that made John's heart skip a beat. They began talking on accident, when there were no other seats and Elizabeth offered for John to join her. She ignored him at first, typing away on her laptop, but when John said, "You look busy," she laughed and began to explain some of her work to him. They ended up talking at that coffee shop for three hours! When John learned that she was from LA, he was really bummed. However, she said that she visited often and would like to look him up.

Their relationship progressed from there and she would often stay at his loft apartment when she visited. John was absolutely enamored by Elizabeth. He had never met another woman that he actually wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with. They would talk for hours, laugh like they had never laughed before and talk about their plans and dreams. It seemed so perfect to John, except that Elizabeth lived so far away. He often brought up that fact, in hopes that she really liked him enough to try and come up with a solution. However, she never did and things became strange.

Elizabeth would get business calls and have to leave the apartment to talk to important clients. She would be upset when she got back and no matter how many times John asked, she said that she didn't want to talk about it. He started to wonder if perhaps she was with another man or something else. They had been dating for around seven months when Katy stopped calling and didn't come to his loft apartment anymore. He tried to call her cell phone number, only to find that there was a message saying it was no longer in service. John was absolutely heartbroken and confused.

A friend pointed John to with the suggestion that he search Elizabeth's name. Although John didn't understand why, he searched her name anyway and found out where she lived, her home phone number, and her marriage license. She was taken. John was absolutely dumbfounded. The entire time they had been together, she had never even suggested that she was married. John didn't know what to think. Of course, when Elizabeth needed a 'shoulder,' she came by trying to make excuses, but John was armed with his information.

John eventually met another woman that he was very attracted to, and he searched her name at the very beginning! Finding out that she was, in fact, single, he pursued a relationship with her. He still shakes his head at the situation with Elizabeth but thanks to, he didn't allow her to play him like a fool and he finally found the real woman of his dreams.





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