Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Runaway Bride Wait! Before you say

'I do' maybe you should ask 'What's true?' A recent bride in Oklahoma learned the hard way. She met her man on the Internet. The she spent two years getting to know him. But what did she know? Her man had bought her flowers every week, was attentive, faithful, and everything she had hoped for. He attended church with her every week and became a volunteer Sunday School teacher and youth group leader. His charms won everyone over. Her friends and family all liked him. When he found out she had nephews involved in Cub Scouts, he went out of his way to become their Den Leader. He worked hard, running meetings, planning activities, and even paying for a camping trip. After planning her wedding for six months, spending over forty thousand dollars, she stood waiting in front of over three hundred guests, all of the people closest to her, for over two hours while her father tried to track down her fiancé. Seems he was pulled over on a routine traffic stop on his way to the church and arrested on several old outstanding warrants for child molestation. The jilted bride was so upset, after everyone left, she collapsed and was hospitalized for a week. Later she learned he also had prior theft convictions. If only she had taken a few moments to run a background check. The fiancé would have been exposed and she would have been a happy bride, running away on her honeymoon! Con artists and those running from the past are often very crafty at hiding their true identities. They know that people are vulnerable in manners of the heart and seek out good people who have been taught to expect good from others. Before you get serious with your boyfriend or girlfriend, wouldn't it be nice to know you're not going to be abandon at the alter? What are you waiting for, find out what's true, check them out right now.






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