Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are You A Hardgainer? Here’s The Solution

Hardgainers find it difficult to gain muscle and weight. Are you one of those people that face such a problem?

Well don't worry, today you will find out whether you really do suffer from hardgainer genetics and how you can gain massive muscle if you do.

  So if you're ready, let's get cracking!

The Hardgainer Test- Here's How You'll Know If You Really Do Suffer From Hardgainer Genetics.

It's important you take my "Hardgainer Test" below. This will decide the type of workout that is best suited to you and your body. So answer these 8 questions, honestly and then see the results below.

1) When you put one hand around the wrist of your other hand, does your thumb and middle finger cross?
2) Are you narrow framed?
3) Are your arms long in length?
4) Do you struggle to put muscle on no matter what you try to do?
5) Would you say you were skinny as a child?
6) Are you hyper and always on the go?
7) When you stop training for a while, does your body get thinner and Narrower
8) Do your family and friends tell you that you need to put on weight?

If you answered YES to 5 or more of these, it is likely you are a hardgainer, BUT there is nothing to stress about, as I'm about to cover a solution.

The Hardgainer Program To Massive Huge Muscle Growth

  There is just too much to cover in one article, but I am going to do my best to give you as much of the solution as possible. I'll cover nutrition, exercise and how you can make small changes in your practical life that can really help....


The main area where you're likely to need the most help is in your nutrition. So let's look at what you need to do.

First you need to work out how many calories you use in a day, this is dependent on how active you are. To give you an indication, it is likely to be around 2500-3500 calories per day, if you are working out between 3-4 times per week.

You want to then consume around 500 calories more than what you use in a day. This requires you to count calories. You should consume these calories by eating 5-6 meals per day.

In addition to all that, you want to eat more carbohydrates. Eat things like wholemeal rice, wholemeal bread, bananas, beans etc. This will reduce muscle breakdown, so you keep the muscle you want on!

Also increase your protein intake, with foods like grilled chicken breast (skinless), turkey breast, tuna etc and get in some casein protein shakes.

Doing all of this can really help you with mass growth!


With your workout routine, you want to avoid cardio at all costs, and just focus on weightlifting.

With weightlifting, add 1 set per exercise where you choose a weight, which causes you to tire out after doing between 2-6 reps. Then for the rest of the sets, choose a weight where you get exhausted in 6-10 reps.

This overall is great for muscle gain, and also will help improve your muscle gain potential!


With most hardgainers running around loads, you need to slow yourself down and make time for relaxation to do the simple things in life like lounging in bed or watching television.

But if you find that hard, why not take up meditation. This will relax you exactly the way you require.





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