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What are the latest statistics for postpartum depression in 2011?

Some mothers could fall victim to depression amidst all the joy of having a baby. It is actually a normal condition though a little difficult to understand. However, hormonal changes are responsible for postpartum depression – also known as 'baby blues'. Usually, postpartum depression passes off in a few days or weeks but it could last longer. In either case it should not be ignored. The depression could last for months or years and even become a psychosis case requiring urgent medical help. Statistics show that one in every four new mothers suffers some kind of postpartum depression.

In some situations, postpartum depression can damage marital and family relations, or even impact the baby. The statistics show some concerns. Mostly women postpartum depression affects women but it could also affect men. The occurrence of postpartum depression is mainly higher in new mothers in the 25-45 age-group.

According to the latest statistics by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the occurrence of postpartum depression (self-reported) in various states of USA falls in the 11.7-20.4% bracket.

Across America, the statistics on postpartum depression show that 12% of new mothers have reported the problem. These were moderately depressed after the birth of their baby. But only 6% of women said they felt severe depression after the birth of their baby.

Postpartum depression statistics are also linked to other issues like teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, physical abuse, smoking habits of the mother, poor financial situation etc. Mothers who give birth to low-birth-weight babies could also be affected more easily with postpartum depression. Statistics also show that postpartum depression is more in older women. Black women have reported higher instances of postpartum depression as compared to women of other races.

Statistics also show that women who resorted to a natural cure as compared to taking drugs cured more easily. Also a natural cure does not have side effects. Statistics relating to postpartum depression also suggest that new mothers should try a holistic approach like adjusting their diet and exercise routine with help from a nutritionist.

Statistics also show that family support – particularly from the spouse – could be very valuable in helping patients of postpartum depression. Most women who felt loved ones were willing to understand their situation got over their postpartum depression much faster than other women or single mothers. Some mothers also benefited from psychotherapy sessions to handle their postpartum depression. However, statistics show that therapy sessions might not be all that important if the patient adopts a holistic approach with a natural cure to take care of the problem.

Statistics also show that weather conditions might influence the intensity of the depression like in cases of any other kind of depression. Temperament also plays a crucial role in postpartum depression. Women who tend to brood as a temperament might suffer 'baby blues' all the more.

Of course, whatever be the intensity of the postpartum depression, it is always important that the patient discuss the problem with their doctor if it does not pass off in a few days.






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